「BSidesLV 2023」にて、弊社技術者が研究発表を行いました。



  • カンファレンス  : BSides LasVegas 2023
  • タイトル     : Breaking In: Unleashing the Power of Physical Offensive Security
  • 発表者      : Tetsuya Takaoka
  • URL       : https://bsideslv.org/talks#H3JPRT


Physical security is often overlooked when companies consider cybersecurity. Insufficient physical security measures allow attackers to physically intrude into restricted areas and even break into cyberspace by hacking LAN ports in offices. And indeed we were able to conduct evaluations against several companies and subsequently break into their corporate networks and take files that imitated confidential information.

In this presentation, we will explain and demonstrate attack methods such as intruding into a building by impersonating an external company, breaking through security gates by duplicating RFID using the latest technology, and bypassing MAC address filtering by LAN port hacking. We hope to help the audiences understand how easy physical attacks are and to help companies strengthen their physical security measures.